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Alexander Tereshenko
By Alexander Tereshenko #support July 14, 2017

1.Show Off Your Customer Service Team

If your customer service received great ratings from customers, don’t just hide in some backpages. Make it front and center. Take the last 20 or so customer reviews and make it the focus of attention on your customer service page. Not only will this give prospective customers confidence in your company, but it will also reaffirm the belief that you have in your customer service team.  So go public with your customer support team. There’s no fun in hiding the good reviews.

2. Be there for Your Customers at a Moment’s Notice

When the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX was released, it wasn’t just a big leap in the world of e-readers, but customer service as well. The bar for “outstanding” customer service was raised because it allowed customers to interact with service representatives with the touch of a button. They can use the “Mayday” button to chat with a customer service representative instantly, the representative can see their screen live and resolve any issues the customer has. The point is to make it s easy as possible for the customer to get help from your support team. If you sell products on online, you can use programs such as Firefly to browse with your customers and give them a tour of your app.

3. Answer Questions on Video

It’s difficult to answer questions via e-mail or even telephone, especially if these questions are technical in nature. Try taking that FAQ section on your website and turning some of them into video tutorials. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about how many your video will be worth. Not to mention how much time you will save by not having to answer questions via e-mail or telephone.

4. Publish Your Customer Service Reports

At the end of every month you receive metrics regarding your customer support. This should not only include customer satisfaction surveys, but numbers such as how many new e-mail conversations were started, average customer wait time and e-mail response time. This level of transparency will turn your customers into brand ambassadors which, in turn, will translate to more revenue.

5. Send Personalized Thank You Notes

Wufoo has pioneered this idea in 2008. Thousands of customers received handwritten thank you cards from one of their developers named Chris. We understand that it’s not easy to send out thousands of handwritten cards, but there’s a shortcut thanks to a program called MaiLift. It’s very simple to use. All you have to do is tell them what you want the card to say and they will send out thousands of handwritten cards on your behalf, from your mailing address. You can even integrate it with your CRM to make things run as smoothly as possible.

6. Get Top Management Involved In Customer Service

We all call customer service with our issues and suggestions and the customer service representatives always tell us the same thing “I will relay your issue(s)/suggestion(s)to my supervisor.” Now imagine what it would be like to actually have the supervisor answer the phone and listen to the customers. This doesn’t have to be the CEO or President of the company. Find somebody in the company who has the authority to make changes to company policies and ask them to talk to customers once in awhile. The customers will be overwhelmed by the attention.

7. Hire College Geeks with a Passion for Troubleshooting

There are college students with a passion for the niche your company operates in. They will be able to emphasize, not sympathize, with your customers better than a battle-tested customer service representative with 10 years of customer service experience. This method has actually been successfully tested by an online men’s shopping site called JackThreads. They decided to hire Ohio State University students instead of career customer service representatives. They found out that allthe customers wanted was some quick fashion advice and someone to emphasize with their problems.

8. Bring Your Ideas to Life

If you have some great ideas to improve your customer service, follow through on them. For example, in 2008, when the recession first started, Starbucks had to get creative. In total, they came with more than 270 ideas to reinvigorate their brand. Furthermore by crowdsourcing their suggestions, they were able to achieve a whopping 375% increase in fourth quarter profits for 2009. You don’t have to brainstorm hundreds of ideas like Starbucks. Start small. Try coming up with 5 ideas and actually implementing them.

9. Direct Questions to the Proper Department From the Get Go

Imagine calling in to customer service and having them redirect you to various departments. As a result, you spend 15 minutes on the phone, you’re frustrated and you want to take your frustration out on someone. Try a more preemptive approach. Take a company called WooThemes as an example. They clearly tell the customer which department they need by providing them with examples of potential problems. They can find an example of a comparable issue and call the necessary department.

10. Make Your Customer Support Hotline Google Friendly

Have you ever googled the customer support number for McDonald’s, or Amazon, or HP? The number will pop up right away. Don’t have your customer support number written on the footer of your website. Make it 10 times more visible by making it available via Google search results. It’s not very difficult to do. You have to incorporate a few lines of code which will tell search engines where to find your customer support number.

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