Master Agreement for Outsourcing Call Center Support

INBOUND CALL: Is defined as a call that has physically arrived to CALLTECH’s Interactive Voice Response Unit or similar system by way of PRICELINE’s IVR or other mechanism for the purpose of providing Services as described in this Agreement. CUSTOMER CALLBACKS CALLTECH agrees that in the event a CALLTECH CSR is unable to resolve a support incident during an Inbound Call, the CSR will make all reasonable efforts to contact the Customer as soon as possible with the solution. Any default claimed by CALLTECH against PRICELINE which cannot be resolved by negotiation between the parties shall be referred to binding arbitration by CALLTECH as provided in Section 7.11 of this Agreement, and CALLTECH shall not be entitled to terminate this Agreement or suspend, in whole or in part, the performance of its obligations hereunder on account of any such breach pending outcome of the arbitration. This Agreement and the Schedules attached hereto and supersedes and replaces any existing agreement, written or otherwise, entered into between or among PRICELINE and CALLTECH relating to the subject matter hereof except that the provisions of that certain Nondisclosure Agreement, dated December 19, 1997, between PRICELINE and CALLTECH, shall remain in full force and effect as it relates to the exchange of information between the parties from the date of such Nondisclosure Agreement through the date of this Agreement. PRICELINE will provide reasonable advance notice of the actual Teleservices Launch Date once it is determined by PRICELINE. CALL HANDLING: The call flow will be as follows: o Initially calls with be handled by a VRU that will collect various pieces of information as determined by PRICELINE. o The calls will then be transferred to CALLTECH where the transaction will be completed by a CALLTECH customer service representative. O After the VRU portion of the call, CALLTECH will receive the call through CALLTECH’s ACD. o The connection from CALLTECH to PRICELINE’s computer sales system will be through PRICELINE’s server. CALLTECH acknowledges its prior receipt of the implementation fee from PRICELINE. -3- PRIVATE/PROPRIETARY ———- CONTAINS PRIVATE AND/OR PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. MAY NOT BE USED OR DISCLOSED OUTSIDE PRICELINE.COM LLC AND CALLTECH COMMUNICATIONS, INCORPORATED EXCEPT PURSUANT TO A WRITTEN AGREEMENT The implementation fee will be credited back to PRICELINE if the call volume in the 60-90 day period following the Launch date exceeds 30,000 minutes in the aggregate. SCHEDULE F – CALLTECH FEES AND RELATED CHARGES: CallTech acknowledges that exercised its option set forth on Schedule F to the Master Agreement to covert its payment obligations to CallTech to the Variable Rate Minute Structure identified on Schedule F. Such conversion was effective as of August 1, 1998. DISASTER PREVENTION: CallTech will use best efforts to ensure a safe and reliable call center, including providing an uninterruptible power source for power backup, a diesel generator for additional power backup, and a backup call center site to be selected by CallTech and operational as soon as possible. HOURS OF OPERATION: Effective as of the date of this Addendum, Section 1.3 of the Master Agreement is hereby modified to reflect CallTech`s agreement to provide Teleservices to during all hours requested by so long as provides CallTech with reasonable notice of changes to the normal operating hours.

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