Library Outsourcing: A New Look

To answer these questions, I researched both general library literature and that specific to law libraries, as well as contacting library managers, outsourcing companies, and leaders in law firm librarianship. 1997 Riverside County Libraries and Jersey City libraries follow suit and contract with LSSI. 1999 Pillsbury Madison & Sutro contracts with Library Associates to operate its San Francisco law library operations9. 2001 LSSI is awarded contracts for the Fargo public library and the Lancaster Veteran’s Memorial Library. Here are what can be considered the core activities2 of a library: Collection development You don’t have to sign a contract for workers to come to your library to outsource. When a library adds this service as a link on the library Web page, e.g., for faculty or students seeking information when the library is closed and e-mail won’t suffice, it really outsources a library function. Outsourced Law Library Functions Here is a list of library functions identified as having been outsourced by law libraries or their organizations10: Bar coding Billing/accounting BindingBookkeeping Book purchasing Cataloging Computer center/technology management Database access Data recovery Deacidification Disaster recovery Document delivery Document retrieval Imaging Indexing Library move Loose-leaf filing Messenger services Microfilming Network management Payroll preparation PC management Personnel/recruiting Photocopy service Printing Records management Research Retrospective conversion Routing Shelving Specialized research Subscription management Temporary staffing Thesaurus development Web page design/hosting The market for outsourced services to remote users appears to be growing. It is an easy focus for fears and frustrations related to the lack of recognition, rewards, and job satisfaction felt by many law librarians, compounded by the fear of change or the seemingly overwhelming number of challenges facing us…. The state library of Hawaii has outsourced all of its book selection, technical processing, and collection management to Baker & Taylor so that the library can focus on face-to-face interaction with the customers. As a matter of fact, Mark has done his share of outsourcing tasks in his library including research and using a local library service company to enhance training capacity in Internet research. Outsourced library support staffs discover a career ladder within a larger outsourcing organization, with more opportunities for advancement. You may find that handling professional projects in different corporate and/or law libraries is fun and challenging, or you may find yourself assigned to the staff of one large law firm library.

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Bank of America, AmEx Sued For Outsourcing to India

Class-action suits have been filed against Bank of America Corporation and American Express in United States courts, portending more trouble for Indian information technology outsourcing firms that are already under the shadow of a potential global economic slowdown. The cases pertaining to routing customer calls abroad, including to India, have been filed in the last week of July and first week of August in US Superior Court for the State of District of Columbia, US District Court for the State of Columbia and the US Superior Court of California in Alameda County. Maryland-based law firms Beins, Goldberg & Hennessey and Toomey McKenna Law Group as well as California-based Weems Law Offices, which have filed the cases on behalf of the customers of the financial institutions, contend that by routing customer calls, both BoA and American Express violated Right to Financial Privacy Act and Consumer Protection Act. In the process of sending customer calls abroad, the financial institutions also need to send relevant customer financial data to the foreign nationals attending to the call. Such electronic data transmission is prone to being intercepted by either US government or other foreign governments, thus resulting in a breach of privacy for the customers, with regard to their financial data, the complainants argue. Through the case, complaints are seeking an injunction on transfering electronic data overseas until BoA and American Express receive signed authorisations as required under the Right to Financial Privacy Act and until they make the disclosures necessary to comply with the Consumer Protection Act. Major IT services exporters such as Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, HCL Technologies as well as BPO firms like Genpact did not respond to emailed questions sent on Saturday from DNA Money regarding potential fall out of such legal actions against sending work abroad. Less than a year ago, US administration significantly raised fees for work visa such as H and L in an apparent bid to make Indian companies pay for US government’s fencing and surveillance programme along its border with Mexico from where there is a high degree of illegal migration of low-skilled workers. Further, Indian technology firms have also been reporting a significant rise in visa rejection recently. Creating hurdles such as seeking customer’s explicit permission before routing calls abroad, may force some corporations to re-locate their call centres to the US for compliance purposes. Bloomberg reported on Monday that American corporations General Electric, which has been at the forefront of the first wave of outsourcing, now wants to bring more technology related work in-house.

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