Outsourcing continues to grow

Stephen Mooney, president of Conifer Health Solutions, Frisco, Texas, which provides revenue-cycle management services, notes that independent and smaller hospitals used to be the primary clients for outsourcing firms. Its top two independent contractors, according to its Form 990, were Gundersen Lutheran Administrative Services, La Crosse, Wis., and Computerized Medical Imaging, Eau Claire, Wis., which provides diagnostic imaging services. Just as many independent hospitals have turned to mergers and clinical affiliations with larger systems to expand their services, others have called in vendors to provide that additional expertise. Outsourcing firms in Modern Healthcare’s survey reported a 12% decline in the number of contracts they had last year for radiology services, the largest among medical specialties. The 165-bed hospital also works with a number of other medical services companies including TeamHealth for emergency medicine staffing, Quantum for hospitalists and Specialists on Call for neurology telemedicine. Medical services as a whole represented the second-largest category for outsourcing expenditures, following closely behind construction. The 75 hospitals and systems included in the analysis spent a total of $456.8 million to hire companies that provide medical staffing services and other clinical functions. Psychiatric services similarly saw a decline of 4.3%, but contracts for anesthesiology and emergency department services increased 21.4% and 10.1%, respectively, among the outsourcing firms that responded to the survey. EmCare, Dallas, which provides outsourced physician management services in five specialties and witnessed a 16.1% increase in healthcare clients between 2010 and 2011, reports that it has seen the greatest amount of growth in its integrated service lines, such as staffing hospitals with both emergency medical specialists and hospitalists. In May, Conifer, a subsidiary of for-profit hospital chain Tenet Healthcare Corp., Dallas, announced that it forged a 10-year deal to provide revenue-cycle services to 56 hospitals that are part of Catholic Health Initiatives, Englewood, Colo. As part of the deal, CHI took a minority stake in Conifer.

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Outsourcing Training

At ALESYS we believe that Outsourcing is a way for an organization to gain and/or release competencies as dictated by the needs of their business. Outsourcing enables you to speed up or slow down as the pace of your business dictates, but without carrying all the overhead. As a leader in your organization’s training function, you need to be sure all the training you offer is meeting the learning needs of your organization in terms of relevance of content to current strategic business objectives of your organization, as well as timeliness, quality, and engagement of Learners. We see outsourcing as a sure way to help you increase the accountability and quality of your training function. So if you’re ready to show the senior management of your organization that you have a solid plan to solve the increasing demands from business units for training that truly improves work performance quickly, talk with our seasoned professionals at ALESYS. Your senior management team will greatly value your commitment to improving the business, not just putting people through training that is not making the difference in performance that it should. Rethink how you can better leverage the budget you have to get more accomplished at a higher level of quality and productivity. Some of the outcomes of outsourcing your training to ALESYS are that you and your organization’s business managers will come to view training as a critical business service in support of their strategic business objectives, as opposed to training as a function to be endured. Training will be elevated to its rightful place as a strategic business tool to enable the achievement of organizational objectives, because that is how we will lead and manage it for you. Instead they will value your role in raising the bar significantly at a critical time in your organization’s evolution. As usually happens with our Customers, you’ll be promoted because of your vision and commitment to the success of your organization! If this piques your interest, then we would like to discuss solutions further with you and begin a successful business partnership built around our mutual passion for effective training leading to measurable performance improvements.

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Ocwen is one of the largest mortgage servicers in the United States, and is funded by American taxpayers to make mortgage modification and foreclosure decisions on the loans of American homeowners at risk of losing their homes. The appalling fact is those decisions are not made by Americans familiar with the plight of American homeowners at-risk of losing their homes, but by workers located half a world away in India. Ocwen is now positioned to become the 5th largest servicer of home loans in the United States by acquiring Residential Capital’s and mortgage giant GMAC’s mortgage servicing and origination platforms, owned by taxpayers after it received a series of taxpayer bailouts. While having its executive headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, Ocwen uses India as its primary location for operations, including mortgage servicing and more critically, mortgage modification decisions. Ocwen’s business model is to use taxpayer funds to hire low-wage workers in India to determine whether to modify or foreclose on American homeowners. Not surprisingly, American homeowners say they’re frustrated whenever they call Ocwen for assistance. NACA is asking the federal government stop payments to any company which services or underwrites mortgages for American homeowners overseas and receives taxpayer funds. Multi-billion dollar investor Wilbur Ross will become a major stockholder in Ocwen and Warren Buffet, who is also posed to purchase some of the underlying assets and whose name has been mentioned by President Obama as a potential candidate to become the next Secretary of the Treasury, both need to act to stop this abuse. NACA and many homeowners will pack a New York City courtroom court hearing on Ocwen’s acquisition of ResCap on Monday to testify and bring attention to the use of taxpayer monies in funding jobs overseas. If you are not able to attend the court hearing with the NACA group, please contact your representatives in Congress and insist that your tax dollars not be used to outsource jobs overseas, especially while our unemployment rate still hovers near 8%, and point out that it should be Americans making such critical decisions about the future of American homeowners.

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