Future of Work – Elena Svidina [VIDEO]

Future of Work 2018 – Elena Svidina

And I think that the assumption that we are good at, of creating the candidates videos and we have even like a small film studio in our office, so if you want to feel like a movie star feel free to pass by I will give you a tour.


All right. Thank you, Alex. First of all, before we jump into our next slide, I would like … Whoa, this one goes fast.

Okay, I would like to ask you a question. Have you ever thought of using artificial intelligence in your Dex creation or in your speech evaluation? Anyone? Oh. Great. Of course.

What I was going to say … I start thinking about it while I was working on this presentation and I decided to check it on my own, and I found that there are a few AI platforms that actually could evaluate your speech. So, What they do, they loan from the TED talks that comes with a score and what you have to do is just to upload the speech into this platform and then you will get the ranking, so, in case we’re gonna round our speeches today so I believe that John, you’ll get the highest mark.

Thank you, John, it was impressive to keep the audience without slides. I’m impressed. Alright, so and also for the students’ use we could try to check the slide boards that actually helping you to design your slides. What they do, they, they pick the best images for your slides based on the keyboards you put or the titles.

Next time we’re gonna meet here, I think that they’ll run you around through those platforms and you know, do that Dex, the perfection.

So, alright. So now I would like to speak a bit about newest HR trends. That could be convenient to my colleagues, so they could pick it up and use it in their workflow and also for the future candidates, so they know what they have to get ready for.

So first one is a blind hiring, the meaning behind it is to evaluate the candidate exclusively based on their abilities and skills and there are a lot of platforms already implemented and on the market and in our company we are using Indeed assessment and its really helping us to you know short, the uh, to make the time shorter for our hiring process.

The next one, that’s not the right presentation. Alright, um. So, I would, I would pick randomly because its not the one, okay.

So, the next one is feedback tools. Widely used, to be in the while, in the market but, what, where we are heading with that is that we have to get real time answer from our employees. And to, you know, assess their needs. So, at Helpware, we are using Google spreadsheets and NPS score management tool. Gamification is also part of a training process of our hiring process. We are about to establish is the guise for the new hires so that when they onboard they run, they go through all the polices and procedures and complete the guise and get the score.

Future proof staff, so, we have to have the team that wearing different hats that have different skills sets and we have to give them ability to use all these skills. Click To Tweet

Alright, and passive candidates. So, lets dive deep into this one. We all know that social media has a huge impact on our life. And definitely, it has an impact in the hiring process as well. What we are doing right now, we are moving from the recruiting itself to the marketing recruiting so, we have to build the pool of the passive candidates and like, engage with them through the social media and [inaudible 00:04:08] for some that didn’t know about it and there are some advanced searches on the Facebook and Twitter, that the recruiter could use to find the right candidate.

Not the right one, okay. Future proof staff, so, we have to have the team that wearing different hats that have different skills sets and we have to give them ability to use all these skills. So we have to create an environment within the company that could help them to unleash their talents. And that’s our awesome team at Helpware, that we have.

Alright, people analytics; it’s a must to have, it’s [inaudible 00:05:01] just a must to have. But, again, we are moving here to the data driven real time analysis on what is happening within the company.

Remote workforce, so, as of now 30% of the workforce, working remotely and like half of the companies committed that they’re going to grow this, their number of employees that will be working remotely. And what I see here is a potential for our company to grow and to grow our teams in both, Ukraine and Manila.

Videos in recruiting, so, its also being a team for a while so videos could be used in both directions.

First one, to attract the candidates while placing them on their career pages or into the, your social media pages so that the candidate could see what is happening in the company. What is the environment he will be working at, what kind of people he will be working with, and he could make a decision on the pre-hiring stage whether he want to move with this company or not. And what I would also like to say that I think that that assumption that, uh, no, so first of all I want to say that videos could be used to, also for the candidates evaluation. And that is also helping us to make the process of hiring shorter so we could get the clients feedback, or for example, recruiter could just watch the videos and decide whether he wants to meet with this candidate or not.

And I think that the assumption that we are good at, of creating the candidates videos and we have even like a small film studio in our office, so if you want to feel like a movie star feel free to pass by I will give you a tour.

Alright, artificial intelligence. So, this one, artificial intelligence, so, last year the global company Unilever, used artificial intelligence in their hiring process and what they did they used the platform so on the first stage the candidate should play twenty minutes like, psychologically based games and then he’s behavior or her behavior will be analyzed. And qualified candidates will go to the second stage and where they have to answer their preset questions while being recorded. So then machine will analyze their tone, their body language, the keywords they used and give the hiring manager a summary, so whether it’s good or not- to bring this candidate. And of course once you use all these tools and attract all the talent you’ll have to retain them and that’s where the learning and development part is coming.

So, currently we are trying to establish a training department, together with a training process and that’s the training cycle that you’ll look like. So we are trying to have the cycle that will beneficial our employees and also will suit our business needs. So as of now the first stage is adaptation period, so, what this mean that when the new hire is coming to the office he has to familiarize himself with all the processes and procedures, he has to learn all the soft queues that the company is using and as well as, the client is using so its a very stressful period for him and that’s the period where all the hiccups comes in. So we have to make sure that he is secure he is safe, he knows what’s happening and that you could jump in and assist him.

So what we are going to do is to have a training manager to assist him and see how his process is going.

The next one is process training that includes not only going through the materials, both like videos and like manuals but also to have a constant practice. To have kind of a simulation of work. So, for example, in case you’re gonna come as a team member of the sales department you have to have some mock calls and you have to pass some particular score to be ready to go to the next stage which is evaluation. Its where our management team will gather together and decide whether the trainee is ready to jump into a real work, and to the job.

And the next stage is upskilling, so, as we go of course everything changes and there are a lot of changes that is coming into the platform you use in the processes that you’ve been working with and you have to adjust to all those changes and definitely there should be some brain storming sessions with the training manager that could with, so on this training, you could discuss and map the process that you have and decide whether its good enough or it could be improved.

And of course, since there are a lot of possibilities to shift from one department to another one, or to be promoted to a new role then you definitely need to go back to the adaptation stage.

So that’s that. Training cycles.

And the part of our training cycles, the [inaudible 00:11:35] at digital learning which is all the open courses, all the certification that we have in-house and some other that will come up. Life learning, life sessions with our, the main expert, like for example, currently we are running a session with our sales team and they are giving us and idea of what the sales process looks like so that we could, you know, grab the information and apply it into our processes and have the understanding of the full cycle of the business.

And definitely, the most important and like, critical part is leadership and development. So, what does our answer to the, artificial intelligence and chat bots that, stepping into our field, so, growing the potential talent that could really do the audit of their processes and could evaluate what is important, and how we could do it better, and what we could do to bring the value to our company. That is what the human could do, but not chat bots. So that’s basically the core of our training cycle and training program and, I will skip this one. Alright, and then, so, continuous learning is one of the key component that will help companies to transition from their customer service focus to the customer experience.

So that’s what we are trying to accomplish. Thanks everyone.

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